• Frequently Ask Questions

Here’s a few of our most commonly asked questions. If it’s not covered here, get in touch via email or give us a call.

  • How overgrown is overgrown?

    We can tackle almost anything up to and over a metre tall: thick kikuyu, broad-leaved and giant paspalum, mustard grass, setaria, Parramatta grass, weeds, blackberry, lantana and moderate brush. It will take more time to tackle very thick and very overgrown situations — it may even take more than one session and may require a staged approach — but we’ll get there in the end.

  • How steep is steep?

    The machinery we use is technically rated to safely tackle slopes of up to 30° up and down, and 18° across the slope.

    How steep is that? As a very rough guide, walking up a 30° slope will hurt.  Hold you hand out and make the peace sign; now rotate your hand so your index finger is parallel with the horizon. The angle between your index finger and your middle finger is roughly 15° (unless you have double-jointed fingers or some other quirk).

    There are other factors, of course, that come into play when mowing steep slopes, and we must assess each job with our own safety topmost in mind. In some cases, it may be too slippery due to recent rain but will be mowable once allowed to dry out. There are cases, however, that are simply not safe, or that pose a danger to the machine. We will discuss workarounds with you in such instances.

  • What’s your service area?

    Our service area radiates out from Coffs Harbour north to Woolgoolga, west to Nana Glen and south to Boambee. We do not charge float fees to service these areas. We are happy to discuss servicing outside of these areas, but this may incur a float fee.

  • Do you charge a float fee?

    No, within our stated service area, we do not charge float fees. Jobs beyond our stated service area may incur a float fee to cover fuel and travel time — we will discuss any such fees with you before we start.

  • Do you have a minimum charge?

    Yes, typically our first hour (or part thereof) on site is charged at $90, and this is our minimum fee.

  • What are your fees?

    Our preference is to assess each job individually and then give you a quote. We do not change our quote unless the fundamental parameters change. If we’ve underquoted and a job takes us longer than anticipated, then that’s too bad for us.

    Factors that influence our pricing when quoting include:

    • Size of area to be mowed or slashed.
    • Type of terrain: steep or flat, rocky, slippery.
    • Current state of area: overgrown, and if so, how much.
    • Access.
    • Obstacles, such as trees, garden beds, buildings and fences.
    • Pre-mow cleanup — some properties need a pretty thorough cleanup before we start. This involves walking out much of the property and removing any rubbish that may cause personal injury or damage to our equipment. Properties with lots of gum trees typically have a lot of fallen boughs lying about and these need to be removed first. Properties that were once working farms can be a real obstacle course: rolls of forgotten barbed wire, star pickets, lumps of concrete, old fence posts, tyres … these are potentially very dangerous and we need to be certain that they are sufficiently cleared. Owners may not even know that these items are out there.

    Any travel time while on the job (such as to and from the tip) is charged to the client at our hourly. Fuel for travel while on the job (such as to and from the tip) is charged at pump price.

    Tip fees are borne by the client.

    Travel time and fuel are not charged getting to and from site.

    There is no fuel levy on the running of equipment.

  • Are you properly insured?

    You bet. We have full public liability cover (this covers you) and indemnity cover (this covers us).

  • Do you offer discounts?

    We value repeat business and can offer regular customers and customers with very large properties special rates. Don’t be afraid to ask.

  • What are your payment terms?

    For commercial and regular customers with proven track records, we are happy to offer LOC up to 30 days, provided the balance stays under $1000.

    For first time customers, payment must be made same day, by cash or cheque.

    For jobs that are anticipated to cost more than $500, a deposit of not less than half the estimated total may be necessary.

  • Do you do commercial work?

    Sure, we’d welcome the chance to assess your commercial needs, be a property portfolio, office or warehouse premises, resort or hotel land, or blueberry farm.