Taming the rough, tough and steep stuff

In a nutshell, our mission is to give you back your garden. The Coffs and Woolgoolga regions are blessed with some of the best residential land in the country: land that is rich for lush lawns, abundant vegie patches and bounteous flower patches; land with elevations and seaward views that few areas on the east coast share; land that can be cultivated and enjoyed, whether a simple domestic lawn or a profitable small farm.

Unfortunately, it’s these very benefits that can also lead to domestic nightmares: the rich soil so good for flowers and vegies is also rather popular with weeds. The jaw-dropping views also come with steep land that can be almost impossible to keep in check. The coastal breezes keep weed seeds constantly on the move.

If your little patch of heaven has gotten away on you, or just  needs a bit of a trim and little TLC, give us a call. We offer a range of services from steep slope mowing and brushcutting, to domestic lawnmowing, weeding, green waste removal, strimming and edging, landscaping and small handyman jobs.

We want to give you back your enjoyment of your garden.

Steep block specialists

Red Dog Mowing & Maintenance specialises in steep blocks and difficult areas that other mowers and tractor slashers cannot go. We can safely tackle slopes of up to 35° — that’s 10° more than most 4×4 tractor slashers and about 30° more than a standard ride-on mower! We are also manoeuvrable enough to get in tight around trees and other landscape features, and can traverse rough and undulating ground with ease.

We love the rough stuff

We can also tackle thick and overgrown areas that would choke other mowers, and even tackle Parramatta grass that is so tough it can defeat tractor slashers. Giant paspalum and broad-leaf paspalum, needlegrass and rat’s tail grass and setaria — we can get it all back under control and give you back your lawn. We can even help (and keep) some woody weeds such as lantana and crofton weed under control.

If it’s “too hard” for others, give us a call …

We pride ourselves in not avoiding jobs that are thought “too hard”. It’s when it’s hard that customers need us most, right? We’re not afraid of getting out of the mower’s seat and putting our collective back into it.

There’s plenty of instances where a machine — a mower, a tractor, a specialised remote-controlled slope mower — just isn’t going to work. Too steep, too dangerous, too slippery, too hard-to-get-to … in short, too hard.

Unlike some others, we don’t shy away from the tough stuff. If it’s too steep for the slasher mower, we’ll use the brushcutter and a pair of stout boots. If it’s too choked with woody weeds, we’ll go in with the clearing saw or cane knife first. If it’s weeding a rosebed, heck, we’ll use our hands.

See: not too hard.

Oh, and we do the delicate domestic stuff, too

We’re just as happy with the push mower and secateurs. If your lawn and garden just need a tidy and a bit of pruning, don’t be shy, give us a call.

We can also do hard and soft landscaping, green waste removal, build you a compost corner or worm farm, a pergola, small shed: in short, if it’s in the yard, we can probably help. Just ask.

Steep slopes are our specialty. If you’ve got steep land (and there’s a lot of it around Coffs and Woopi), don’t try to do it yourself: it’s dangerous. Give us a call.

If you’ve lost the dog or the kids, your garden may be overgrown. On the flat or on slopes, we can safely and efficiently clean up overgrown areas, even giant paspalum and moderate woody weeds like crofton weed and lantana.