• About me

I’m Clem Williams.  A lot of people call be ‘Duke’. It’s a nickname I acquired many years ago and it’s unlikely to disappear now. So Clem or Duke, I’m happy with either.

I grew up in the Coffs Harbour area, went to school here, got married here, raised my daughter here. It’s a marvellous area to live and I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. (Okay, okay, if you’re offering lifetime private and exclusive access to Nias, we need to talk.)

I have worked most of my life in the local area, but was recently made redundant owing to lack of government funding for the company I was working for.

Like most redundancies, I didn’t get much notice, and had to come up with a Plan B pretty quick.

That’s when the idea for Red Dog Mowing and Maintenance started to germinate. But I didn’t want to be just another mowing service. I started to ask around what people needed, or what they thought was missing in most mowing and gardening services. Here’s three things that came up most often:

  • Turn up

    I know. It surprised me, too, but there you go. Seems the most common complaint is that people don’t turn up when they say they will.

    So here’s my promise to you:

    If I make an arrangement to do a given job at a given time, I will turn up at the agreed time and do the agreed job.

    Simple, right?

    Sure, there are circumstances that might prevent me getting to the job at the appointed time: heavy rain, highway closures due to accidents, unanticipated machinery malfunctions.

    If there is a problem, I will call to say I’m running late, or if necessary, arrange another time.

  • No upcharges

    This surprised me, too.

    My preference in most cases is to work to an agreed quote. That way, we all know where we stand, the amount of work and standard that is expected and what recompense is fair. Typically my quotes cover everything: my time, fuel, travel time, and so on. So here’s my second promise to you:

    If we agree a price (i.e. a quote), I’ll stick to that price.

    If I’ve made a mistake with my math, that’s my problem, not yours. If I’ve neglected to include a cost, that’s my problem, not yours. If I miscalculate my time, that’s my problem, not yours. Which is, of course, what a quote is … (or is supposed to be).

    Sometimes I may not elect to give you a quote. Most often this occurs with new customers whose land I don’t know and which clearly presents unique challenges. My preference then is to work to an hourly rate and keep you updated of my progress.

  • Be courteous

    When I turn up to do a job, I am aware that I may have some hard work ahead of me. That’s my gig. That is, in fact, what I am pitching. I won’t kick pebbles and moan that “it’s too hard”. So that’s my third promise to you:

    I won’t moan and harrumph because, well, because it’s a hard job.

    Hard job? Get a Red Dog. You’ve read the tagline, right?

That I will work hard and strive to do the best job possible at the best possible price goes without saying. I would like to build this business over the next few years, and I realise that the best way to do that is with return customers, because return customers are happy customers and are more likely to recommend me to their friends and acquaintances.

So that’s me. I work hard. I’m honest. I’m reliable. I hope that I can be of some assistance to your garden needs soon.