Big Job? Get a Red Dog.

Welcome to Red Dog Mowing & Maintenance. We’re a mowing and garden maintenance service in Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, that prides itself on a few simple ideas:

Value for money
Honesty and integrity
Hard work
Mutual respect
Reliability and courtesy.

Our specialty is steep blocks and tough terrain that typically can’t be tackled by a standard ride-on or zero-turn mower — or even by some 4×4 tractor slashers. We may be your ideal solution if:

  • You live on a steep block

    Many of the best home sites in Coffs and surrounds are on the top or side of some pretty vertiginous hills: the back of Boambee, around Shepherds Lane, pretty much everywhere on the western side of the highway north of the Big Banana. Wonderful views, hard work to mow.

  • You’re on an old banana farm or similar

    Banana farms are, by their nature, mostly on the sides of hills, and some pretty steep ones at that.

  • You’ve set up Home on small acreage

    Small acreage and hobby farms sound great in theory, but take an awful lot of commitment to keep looking good.

  • You sipped Long Island iced tea all summer ...

    … and now you can’t find the dog. Nothing wrong with that — Hey, we all need a break from time to time — but it sounds like it’s all a bit overgrown.

  • You don’t want to invest in the equipment

    If you’ve got a steep block or small acreage, then the equipment costs to keep in looking good can run to quite a large bill.

  • You’ve got better things to do

    Rather be surfing, fishing, knitting? For some people — actually, for quite a lot — mowing isn’t their idea of a fun Saturday. That’s why we’re here.

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